Hey everyone, let me share the paw-some story behind why I started the @StrayDogsClubBU
  & Doglins Official NFT project! 🐾

A few years ago, my beloved dog, Jackie Chan, crossed the rainbow bridge 🌈🐾, and the void he left was immeasurable. 💔 I missed him every day, and his memory lingered in my heart. 🐕❤️

Then, I stumbled upon the world of NFTs 🌐🎨 – and it hit me! 💡 I wanted to do something incredible in Jackie's name. 🐶✨

So, I created the Stray Dogs Club 🐾🏢, not just as an NFT project, but as a tribute to my furry friend. 🐾🎉

Our mission? 🌟 To make a difference for animals in need! 🐾💕 We're committed to donating to animal shelters 🏠🐕 and supporting the amazing volunteers who work tirelessly to give pets a better life. 🙌❤️

Jackie's spirit lives on in this project, and it's more than just NFTs – it's a legacy of love and compassion. 💖🐾

It's been over two years of hard work and dedication, but we're building something truly special. 🏗️✨